An insured performance guarantee for rooftop solar
Easy to verify
Cash back
100% secured

Based on your exact system details, you are guaranteed a kWh performance covering one or more five year periods. If your system generates less than the guaranteed amount you receive cash back at a fixed compensation rate at the end of the period. Simple. We would love to keep it this easy, but it was impossible to avoid some exclusions and obligations, so please read our terms and conditions.


Based on real life conditions not laboratory tests
AC power
No added cost

Every solar module comes with some form of DC Power Output Guarantee that typically lasts for 25years. Autarco modules also come with this Guarantee, but don’t be fooled; These guarantees are designed with large solar farms in mind, where it would make economic sense to send a bunch of modules to a testing facility to test under laboratory conditions in order to make a multi-million dollar claim. Sadly, they provide very little benefit to system owners in a rooftop solar context.

That’s where Autarco’s kWh Guarantee steps in. Autarco guarantees the value of useable AC output of your system based on the specific details of your roof, including shade. The monitoring system provides the information needed to track performance and make any claim.


Every kWh guaranteed is covered by 3rd party insurance
100% secured
Full term
kWh guarantee fund

We all know that solar companies go bankrupt more than most. Autarco has gone to huge effort to give our customers the security they deserve.
Each kWh Guarantee is issued by an independent foundation; the “kWh guarantee Fund”. The Fund then holds an insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London that covers every kWh guaranteed and an additional cash reserve. If Autarco’s operating entities were to go under the Fund and your kWh Guarantee would be unaffected.


It’s beautifully game changing

How does Autarco make it possible?

All products are manufactured by Autarco, which gives them total control over the
quality and ensures seamless compatibility.

System design software
The installer uses the software developed by Autarco to design your system. After
completion, the system will be registered and Autarco will know exactly what, where
and how it was installed which entitles you to receive the kWh warranty certificate.

Pro-active monitoring
As Autarco knows the exact configuration of your system and receives continuous
irradiation data from the KNMI, Autarco can monitor your system’s performance in
real-time and identify when something is wrong.