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Helios: state of the art design software
Easy to use

As a solutions brand, Autarco recognizes the more we support our installers the easier it is for them to provide the best solutions to you.

That’s why we’ve developed Helios, our innovative software available for free to authorized Autarco dealers. It’s an intuitive and easy to use tool that’s developed and supported by Autarco and offers cloud based flexbility so installers can design wherever the sun shines.

We not only offer our innovative software free of charge to authorized Autarco dealers, we also provide training and in-house support. This way our dealers can focus and efficiently deliver value to you through advice, installation and maintenance.


Everything you need in the one place
Roof layout design
Shading analysis
Bankable yield model
Bill of Material

Autarco’s innovative software enables you to go from lead capture, system design through to BOM generation, purchasing, monitoring registration and O&M all in the one place.

Our full solution approach allows us to integrate more features than any other 3rd party solar software in the market. why stop at system design when you can do so much more?

Helios offers many features:

– Roof measurement tools
– Up-to-date aerial imagery
– LiDAR heightmaps
– Easy system configuration
– Automatic module layouts
– Obstacle definition
– Shade management
– Expected and guaranteed yields.
– Automatic BOM generation
– Pricing quote acceptance
– Registration of kWh guarantee
– Pro-active monitoring


One step ahead

We offer you the best possible value in the industry, and doing so found support from leading universities at the forefront of solar PV research

The solar PV industry is a highly dynamic environment. Very little data is available about the actual performance of installed rooftop PV systems, simply becomes most aren’t pro-actively monitored. Autarco offers researchers an excellent avenue to obtain this data and we have a long history of working with research institutes especially in The Netherlands, including University of Eindhoven, TNO and Utrecht University.

kWh guarantee

In it together
Easy to verify
Cash back
100% secured

System design is where the products come together.

Kilowatthours are the result of not just one component but the complex interplay of all products together in a given setting. Having full insight in what is installed how and where is crucial in Autarco’s ability to provide a kWh guarantee.

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