Great mounting solutions.
For every roof imaginable.
Easy to install

Regardless of your rooftype we have a mounting solution that fits your needs. Autarco’s design team have successfully reduced the number of tools and parts required while increasing the possibilities resulting in lower costs and higher flexibility.


Built to last
High grade
10 year warranty

Our flat roof stainless steel components are utilize exceptional anti-corrosion coating that provides 10 times better corrosion resistance than galvanised steel. Our pitched roof aluminium rails replace environmentally damaging black annodisation with end caps to reduce cost and reduce chemical waste. These are just two examples of how Autarco’s selection of quality components and thoughtful design benefit everyone.


Performance does not require the sacrifice of beauty
Full black

The appearance of your mounting system can be the difference between a beautifully integrated solution and an ugly eyesore. With this in mind Autarco has developed a range of options to meet the highest aesthetic requirements without compromising on strength or cost.

kWh guarantee

Available with our insured kWh guarantee
Easy to verify
Cash back
100% secured

Mounting choices, particularly in larger systems, are a trade-off between price and performance and the optimal solution is rarely the one that delivers the lowest cost or the highest installed capacity.

Our vast experience and innovative software help you and your installer determine the optimal solution. The resulting performance is then guaranteed.

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